weather resources

Today i started working on this simple blend file, what i’m trying to achieve are dynamics weather settings for materials.
For now there isn’t nothing dynamic and there is only one weather event which is rain (it can be personalized, if you have some knowledge of glsl texture and vertex painting).
I’m working to add other weather effects of course and if i’ll find the way, in the future i would add dynamics transition from a weather to an other.
In other words my target is a dynamic weather like the one of Unreal Engine.
if you want the file blend post a request and i will add it.
Enjoy it :wink:

Looks good. I think the object color can be useful, maybe you can use it as intensity for each weather. For example you can use the red value as intensity of the rain. So if it rains(in game), use a python script to increase the red value of the objects that have the node setup.

EDIT: And do it a node group would be great.

thanks, different colors is what i am thinking too, like said before for now i’m working on the weather effects one by one and then, when i’ll have 2 or 3 weather effects, i will think how to blend it together dynamically

EDIT: tomorrow i’m going to leave for one or two weaks, i don’t know if the computer i have in my uncle’s home can works with blender 2.70, but if it can i’ll work on it and i’ll make a node group too :wink:

i’m come back and i start working on this, again, i made the snow weather effect too, now what i’m going to do is try to achieve a dynamic change from a weather situation to an other.
here the result:

Hello, please can you post a .blend? Thanks!

hi, i am in holyday, as soon as possible i’ll post you the latest .blend