Weaver FPS needs artists!

Urgently needed skills: ANIMATORS, 3D environment artists.

Weaver is a team based, online FPS, with stopwatch objective gameplay. The interesting thing about the game is that unlike other FPS, there’s no guns. Instead players cast spells, using combinations of mouse movements. The unique casting system, and the huge variety of spells will produce an interesting, challenging, and novel game. Combat will be q3/UT style, fast paced, with a number of spells reflecting weapons from these games. Game play will be focused on teamwork to achieve objectives, similar to that of W:ET and RTCW.

Design Documents
Game Design Document
Spell List
These are a bit out of date in some areas, as redmine site now holds most of the management/planning information.

Project Goals
The main goals of this project are to:

  • Realize a unique magic/casting system in place of weapons, with diverse, well balanced spells (nearly 50)
  • Create a team based, fun, challenging, objective based, multiplayer First Person Shooter game
  • Produce a set of maps which focus game play on teamwork and objectives, and complement the available spells
  • Features to support competitive online multiplayer matches
  • Take advantage of modern graphics capabilities (graphics are secondary to gameplay)

An immersive storyline is not a major goal of the project, as such a single player is not currently being considered. Weaver will be multiplayer only.
Early Screenshots:
http://www.dersaidin.net/weaver/screenshots/xreal-20091206-232844-000.thumb.jpg http://www.dersaidin.net/weaver/screenshots/xreal-20091102-131535-000.thumb.jpg
http://www.dersaidin.net/weaver/screenshots/xreal-20100207-000643-000.thumb.jpg http://www.dersaidin.net/weaver/screenshots/xreal-20100207-000649-000.thumb.jpg
Map artwork and some spells
http://www.dersaidin.net/weaver/screenshots/xreal-20100207-000623-000.thumb.jpg http://www.dersaidin.net/weaver/screenshots/xreal-20091220-215628-000.thumb.jpg
http://www.dersaidin.net/weaver/screenshots/xreal-20100207-000708-000.thumb.jpg http://www.dersaidin.net/weaver/screenshots/xreal-20100207-000736-000.thumb.jpg Prototype spell casting effects, using a playermodel from xreal
Player Model Concept and Model
http://www.dersaidin.net/weaver/concept/players3.thumb.jpg http://www.dersaidin.net/weaver/concept/players/Texture03.thumb.jpg
(This is the player model we urgently need rigged and animated!)

These videos are intended to show the idea of weaving spells. The artwork is of a rough prototype level.
Casting (First person)
Casting (Third person)

The engine we are working with is Xreal. It is based on ioquake3, with a modern renderer bringing its graphics to the level of id tech4 (and beyond). The modern renderer features dynamic lights, bump mapping, specular mapping, relief mapping, deferred shading, HDR, etc. This engine largely uses idtech4 format assets (.mtr material scripts, .md5mesh, .md5anim, etc) but can also take a few other formats (.psk Unreal Engine 3 player models). There are export scripts for Blender.

For More information, WIP screenshots, etc, see our forum.

If we get enough artwork complete we will be ready to release an alpha at the end of the year!

Post reply, PM me, or:
Email: [email protected]
IRC: #weaver irc.freenode.net
Forums: http://www.dersaidin.net/weaver/forum/

Looks good so far though you might want to get a youtube channel for your vids, and you might also want to move this thread to team projects.
good luck with your project.

I put the videos on Youtube. I think the team projects forum is for blender game engine only.

yeah it says BGE but I asked a mod and im waiting on a response, I think the “team project” section would be better because your more likely to get people who are wanting to join a project.

… Can anyone suggest what else I might do to interest people? Why would people rather do modeling competitions instead of contributing to an actual project that needs their help?

A big project needs more commitment. If you’re part of a team, there’s more pressure, and more restrictions than when working alone. Do you have a visual specific style you’re going for? That’s what the artists here want to know, and you want to attract the artists, not the gamers.

I didn’t get all parts of your fancy introduction speech. What is stopwatch objective gameplay? I assume W:ET and RTCW are Wolfenstein games. I have not played those games, so could you sum up what’s the teamplay like in those games.

A different control system isn’t enough to make a game different. Are the spells available in your game equivalent to weapons and pick-ups available in other games? If that’s so, the game already feels a lot less interesting. I looked at the spell list, but it isn’t clear for those unfamiliar with your use of terminology. Could you clarify how many of your spells will do something that does NOT fit into the following categories:
deal damage
protect self or ally
increase damage dealt by self or ally
increase movement speed of ally, or decrease speed of an enemy

I could give the project a look, but from what I’ve seen so far I doubt I’ll work for it for a long time.

I really like the idea behind this.

Thank you Endoperez, your feedback is constructive and enlightening.

In stopwatch objective gameplay you have 2 teams which take turns attacking to complete a series of objectives while the other team defends the objectives until a maximum time limit. Players respawn in waves (approx. 30 second period, adjusted to balance map). The team which can complete the objectives the fastest (or equivalently, defend the longest) wins.

W:ET and RTCW are indeed Wolfenstein games. Their multiplayer is entirely team based, and they had (ET still has) strong competitive scenes LAN and online. Effective attack/defence of objectives requires coordination within the team.

It is in the FPS genre, so many spells have effects similar to weapons. Spells which are do not fall under those categories (17/48) are:

  • Spells which disipate enemy spells (“Slice” enemy spells)
  • Spells which deny the enemy the ability to cast
  • Link: link your available power to an ally to allow them access to stronger & different spells, or more simultaneous spells.
  • Fog, illusion wall, etc: temporarily, locally, modifies the environment
  • Levitate other players: lift an ally onto a ledge, drop an enemy off a cliff.
  • Heals: restore HP, to promote team play you can’t heal yourself
  • Revive: revive a wounded team mate (this is a gameplay element from W:ET/RTCW which greatly enhances the team play)

Some novel elements of spells vs weapons:

  • Strategy in spell selection. Unlike weapons, spell usage is not restricted by inventory, you can choose what you want to cast at any time (with restrictions on your total power). You need to pick the best one for the situation, better still - coordinate with your team.
  • Strategy in use and timing of spells. You cast a spell, then it is held until you fire it. However holding spells will make you more noticeable to other players. If you wait longer you may better know what spell you should use. It rewards being able to cast spells quickly.

But you’re right, thats for gamers more than artists.

For the Visual Style, I’ll hand over to TRaK, our artistic lead and the man responsible for the world artwork in the screenshots.

Hey, I’m the main env artist working on Weaver right now.

The visual theme of the game focuses on a western medieval style, like something out of the 14th-15th century, with some (minor) elements of ‘fantasy’ - no floating castles and such, but visual deviations from historical accuracy are ok. There’s also a set of Persian-themed assets in the works to be used in a different level(I’d link them but the forum won’t let me). Stylistically, the goal is realism, or as close to realism as is possible within the limits of the engine. Most of the textures are at least partially photosourced, and the geometry should be realistic rather than highly stylized.

On the more technical side, the XReal engine can handle up to about 500k polys at a time, so from a poly count perspective you’re looking (roughly) at something like 200-1000 tris for something like a table, up to 1000 for a torch/chandelier, up to maybe 10-20k for something like the exterior of a building, etc.
On the textures side, most textures range from 256 to 1024, with occasionally a 2048 texture for an important/large asset. Textures can use diffuse, normal, height, and specular maps.

If you don’t want to make a long-term commitment to the project that’s fine, we welcome any help you can give us.

Hope that clarifies things, let me know if you have any more questions.

Ooh, you’re listing Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon as an inspiration for spellcasting animations? :yes: Nice! The resource threadis otherwise quite empty.

It looks like your project is suffering from a lack of artists, so perhaps we should discuss it here and try to get more people interested before moving the discussion to your own boards. I like looking for reference videos of stuff, so I’ll post some things you might like.

Wakfu! Despite being based on a free-to-play MMORPG, it’s surprisingly good. The animation and the world is gorgeus, but all the stories don’t live up to its [animation’s] level.

This one here is a fight between Gargaloragran and a ‘xelor’, or time mage, called Nox. Examples of: fog cloud, summoning a weapon, using a weapon as a focus on a spell, using a jump spell to evade an attack, generic elemental attacks, and then some more interesting things near the end.

Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme

This is an animated movie, possibly a straight-to-DVD one, that features the sorcerer of Marvel’s comic books learning magic and swordsmanship in an Asian monastery. Lots of ideas for incorporating swordplay and magic.

Having a texture with a complex, possibly even animated, magic runes, probably of the instant variety is a simple way to add more oomph to the animation. For some reason, I can’t seem to find any decent examples right now.

edit: Trak, thanks a lot for that post. That clarifies the modeling side of things quite a lot. The time period still allows was lots of variety, but I guess that’s corrected by looking at the existing concept pieces and assets.

I am happy to make props or small objects if there are still any to be made, but I have this horrible trait of losing interest if working on a single, big model (ie: a whole environment), but can work on small sections of one.
I am poor at texturing.
I have no experience with the Xreal engine.

If you think you can use me, just ask.
I can try to learn any skills you want me to…

sdfgsdfg, if you can complete models we’d be happy to use you. Come on IRC or PM me so we can chat with Trak and work out a model for you to do.

I like the stuff in that video, a good source for inspiration. Fog and elemental stuff are a particularly good fit. Our airblast spell does a big knockback, similar to Gargaloragran smacking those minions off the bridge.