Web-Based Blender (3.3 - 3.9)

In 3-6 years I will need Blender to be more intuitive. The industry as a whole will hit exponential growth in computing power and creativity by 2030. Is the community & foundation making provisions for 2012 and so forth?


  1. Cloud computing is emerging
  2. Everything is converging to web-based apps
  3. Touchscreen Apps are sprouting.


  1. Cloud Computing
  2. Web-based Apps (Note: posted 2 years ago)
  3. Tablets

Are you advocating for the ‘Singularity’ or for a Mayan doomsday prediction? Either way, I wouldnt worry about it.

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  1. Cloud computing is emerging
  2. Everything is converging to web-based apps
  3. Touchscreen Apps are sprouting.
  1. Probably only going to be very good for rendering, and solutions for this have existed for a long time
  2. I find this to be most unfortunate
  3. Touchscreen Apps are hopefully just a fad

Why wait? If you have ideas do share. :wink:

Ever heard of Moore’s_law?


Fad + buzz word. Most people prefer to keep control of their documents and applications (FLOSS is all about control).

Fad, which is only useful for limited sized/space devices. Is impractical for long work sessions and inferior to other/previous input methods.

Best get cracking on your programming skills then.

blender is in a minority of applications with a true “need for speed”
how many apps do you use that will nail a quad core cpu to the wall and leave you twiddling your thumbs wishing for more processing power
the closest thing it will ever come to web based or anything like a cloud is online render farms and they already exist

I’m delighted at the idea of leaving my future 64 CPU cores plus 2048 GPU cores running idle in 3-6 years while apps run on someoneelse’s CPU for a fee…

Actually with WebGL, canvas, well optimised JavaScript engines, future processing power and excessive amounts of memory it will be completely possible to replicate all Blenders functionality with the web browser. The IE9 previews already use the GPU to speed parts of the JavaScript engine (among other things).

The question is why bother porting to the web?

I think the idea is supposed to be that consumers wouldn’t have to buy powerful or expensive computers anymore because things would become more like “Software as a Service.” Of course this isn’t going to happen if the free software community, which Blender is a part of, has anything to say about it. Stallman would explode.

I do not believe in the Mayan 2012 doomsday prediction. How does this relate to Blender?

As for the Singularity Theory from Ray Kurzweil, I agree in some respects; other respects I disagree with it. Yes, I have heard of Moore’s Law. Have you considered Hafnium (element), Molecular, & Quantum computing?.

We need a virtual studio with a intuitive interface - low AI. If my idea/suggestion is wrong mark this day on your calendars for 2030, and I will apologize for making the thread if you remind me - seriously. Traditional artist will not even touch these apps because of the learning curve. Z-Brush is the only one that made some incremental progress - not complete though. Regarding app development, was GUI (Windows) a fad and was CLI (DOS) a lifetime?

The real issue is that digital media will never smell or feel as sexy as traditional media, maybe some sort of cerebral interface to stimulate these areas? Like, perhaps an adjustment for more turpentine scent, or a wacom that uses an oil-covered brush on a canvas surface.


after thinking about it, I guess I can imagine a day where my 64 core cpu just doesn’t have enough grunt to do what I want to do and I might want to rent some cpu cycles from “the cloud”. in that case, I’d just link blender to a library provided by the “cloud people”, alter the renderer code, which already creates threads for all the cpu’s I have, to go get some more threads from “the cloud”. but this isn’t a job for the blender people, it’s a job for the “cloud people”. IBM and that bunch need to get off their butt and create libraries that do that. if they do it would be easy for blender to incorporate but so far it doesn’t exist.

keep in mind this would require way more bandwidth than most folks currently have
I know we’ll probably have it in the future (unless ATT get’s their way) but we don’t have it now and neither do we have the library to provide this service

indeed. You know we’ve come a full cycle? In the 50’s, it was thought a single supercomputer would provide everyone computational power. Then, supercomputers began to wane in the 70’s and 80’s while microcomputers arose. Then came the internet and all PCs were connected. Then comes a bunch of buffons and say we’re much better off just buying some very powerless iPads, downloading and running things off from the cloud for a fee, giving up privacy and storing our personal data there for a fee and generally just being honest consumers and stop trying to be creative on a once very creativity inducing, content generating personal device…

WOW someone give this man a cookie.
This statement is so full of truth. :yes:

never going to happen, not inside current browsers anyways. Doing 3d rendering in an interpreted language like javascript is just… dumb. There’s a reason blender’s written in c.

Touchscreens may have a future in blender, as long as you can use anything to activate them with, as well as being pressure sensitive.

Hang on, did i just invent the tablet with lcd screen inbuilt?

No, no you didn’t. I believe those devices have been out for some time now, mainly sold (and monopolized via patents) by Wacom.

Why move the app to the cloud ? that’s just a unecessary move and rewrite of code.

only valid point is moving rendering to the cloud. you work on projects, upload. renders. have the final render in the clouds, easy to view for clients etc.