Web based interactive turntable


I would like to expose some of my 3D work on my web page and have an interactive turntable visualization such as http://ggnome.com/object2vr/examples/vespa

I do not want a true 3D visualization as I don’t want the 3D models to be stolen, therefore I have to use a movie or series of images and then give some interaction via JS.

Any pointer towards an open source solution to do this or even better a Blender exporter ?


You could do this easily with the free version of Construct.


I don’t know how up to date this is, but it did work with 2.5x:-


You don’t want to just use sketchfab the way the forum does? People cannot steal a model that is there, only view it

Interesting - thanks for that link!

If animation would be supported this plugin could be extremely useful for isometric 2d games and 2.5d point’n click adventure games.

Thank you for your help. 3DNP is just what I need