Web/Blender question?

Is there any way to make a Blender animation as the background for a webpage? Thanks!

Several ways to do this but I strongly discourage you from doing so!

  1. Do it as a flash animation and use flash to build your whole website
  2. Create an animated gif and use it as a background image
  3. Use css to overlay different things on top of each other using a transparent background for layers in front and put the movie in the background layer. This can be very tricky and is bound to cause trouble with interactive stuff. This might also not work if the video card uses the overly mode to display the movie or the plugin for playing the movie is always in the front.
  4. Use javascript to load the images of the animation in the correct sequence and make them display as a background image.
  5. combinations of the above

As said I strongly discourage you from doing it as it is
makes the webpage huge
Does not give any true added value to the webpage
is annoying the user if it is repeated too often (although it might be cool the first time)

Thanks, musk. It was real simple and it now works: http://www.trumpetsoftruth.com

I’m on dialup. I waited 4 min for it to load then gave up.