Web cartoon- Model citizens- "Millennials can't do that on television."

This is the last “episode” of season 1. This one was certainly the hardest production, because of all the fluid simulations. I really kind of stretched my comfort zone here, and had to learn how to do multiple fluid domains in a single blend file. On top of that, trying to give each fluid a unique look while keeping up with changes in character animation took a lot of organization! The smoke effect was also a “first” in the series.

In hindsight, I wished I had used a higher resolution on the fluids, and it bugs me how I never figured out how to smoothly remove a fluid from the scene (hence the jump cuts).

The character animation is a general improvement in this cartoon, although there are some questionable positions. I tried going with a stepped interpolation to give the characters a more stop-motion-y look. I like it, but I don’t think I’ll keep doing it. I think that look would work best on photorealistic models, and mine aren’t quite there yet.