Web design: I need your advice.

I do know a bit about web design, but not a lot yet. I’m redesigning my portfolio site, www.alexwillms.com.

I’ve decided to go the one-page route this time. My question is this: I’ve created a graphic of a picture frame on a wall, and one way or another I need to replace the image inside it. This will probably be done by clicking on thumbnails or “next” and “previous” buttons. How, from a Dreamweaver point of view, do I execute this replacement of content?

Edit: Also, are there any recommended web design forums?

What if the images are different sizes?

That’s added complexity. I could always just resize them all to be the same though.

EDIT: Or, I have the page scroll horizontally to each image when a thumbnail is clicked. Sort of like this.

Beware, if it’s actually one page, then people cannot bookmark things easily. You’re also going to limit those that don’t/cannot allow javascript, as this is (afaik) the only way to achieve the effect, unless you have more than one site (one for, one without).

Stick with a ‘multi-page’ design, but instead of actually having multiple pages, have a single PHP script and use a URL variable to point to content stored in a database.