Web Developer, Java, pHp for small studio.

Java, and Php level novice to expert +10 fire damage.
Experience with Unity, Construct 2, Blender game engine, M.A.M.E., Linux, Amiga Kickstarter, Server administration.

Help create a backend for HTML5 and Java-script online games from scratch. There are some simple guidelines from the game engine’s for you to follow.

Maintain web-site.
Public relations. Watch the forums and message boards, so fans do not feel abandoned.
Promotion. By posting screen-shots and videos on YouTube, FaceBook, various game sites.

A supervisor. Mentor. Spiritual advisers. Someone constantly telling me their ideas. I don’t have much time to do this. Every second is golden to me right now.

Pay 25% profit share. (obviously, restrictions will apply in contract, like all contracts.)

I am a grumpy 40 year old. I have been a professional designer and professional artist in the past. I am trying to start something new in game-ing. I have had some of these ideas since I was a small kid watching the other kids play games in the arcade. I do not have time to make games and do all of the PR work at the same time.

If you folks are wondering if I am up to PAR for this task, here is something I whipped up in about 4 full days using Blender, Gimp, Inkscape, Construct 2, and Audacity (with pre-made samples).

Please use Chrome if you have it installed. Firefox has problems with HTML5 and some sound formats (they might cut in and out.). Microsoft’s Internet explorer has really terrible HTML5, so the game will either not work for you, or it will be really choppy and slow.

Here is a Thumb:

That was just a test to see how far I can push the C2 engine in Chrome. I still have not found the limit! The humanoid model was already made, with some simple animations before I started.

I will be posting this on a few other forums tonight, so I will probably not be able to answer your questions until the morning.

Send a personal message to me on this forum, or post your details here.

I should have all of my @Warlocks-Reign.com email addresses fixed tonight, so I will have a direct email for you tomorrow.

There will be a cash job immediately for the chosen one.