Web Filter software?

Can anyone here recommend web filtering software. I specifically want it to filter out java applets and such. If anyone can recommend a free solution, I would appreciate it.

firefox. it blocks popups and active x things. and its not integrated with microsoft.

I am using Firefox .10.1! I just found the Java options just the other day (well, I’ve never actually looked for them until now :smiley: ). I going to try and see if it works.

Doesn’t bock ALL popups, i’ve been using Firefox and I still got at least one popup on some sites though it blocks after that.

It blocks ALL popups only you explicitely allow them. Which you must have done somehow.


Much as I hate to agree with Kansas_15, I did have a popup sneak through the other day with Firefox 1.0PR, and no sites were configured to allow popups

just run firefox through these tests found here: http://www.popupcheck.com/

firefox 1.0PR: 100 percent of the popups blocked in the standard test. also it passes all the tests with real popups.

Or it could’ve been a late popup from IE. I have internet explorer only 3 file spaces away from Firefox and sometimes I accidently click on IE when I mean to open Firefox (have used IE for years which could be the reason)

that is the reason ive banned IE out of my quick launch bar :wink: .

I also still used IE not too long ago for internet games because firefox didn’t have Java built in, (because otherwise it’s the most impossible little program to find what you need to DL for gaming on Firefox). I guess someone else found it because of the fact I could now play those same games on Firefox and so now I can switch completely.

a few weeks ago i downloaded a dozen toolbars from google, msn, altavista,etc. and wanted to see how it looked…


I have tried to access that link with Mozzila, Firefox and IE but they all shut down when I try to acces the page.