Web Hosts

I have started a project to build a website for my boyscout troop. The matter is I need to find a reliable host. I was wondering if any of you could help me on this.

We need a host with considerable amounts of space. Wee want to have a several page site. We hope to be able to upload photos from our latest trips so that others(friends siblings parents) will be able to download the ones they want. We were also discussing loading video of the “Blooper” moments we have so that we can share them with family.

I am hoping that it would come with a few design templates but if not we can have and older scout make one. It would also be nice to have a host with good customer support for technical issues. It would be helpful if the cp was user friendly so the “older leaders” dont have to take too much time searching around to make quick updates.

The last issue is the price. We are able to pay as long as it’s a reasonable amount for the service we are getting. We don’t want to be paying $40 annually if we wont be able to upload pictures and video as well as have several merit badge progress pages and announcement pages as well.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I wholeheartedly endorse Site5. They pretty much have anything you could possibly need and quality service to boot.


Good well priced host:

Dirt cheap ($20 a year, do a google search for dreamhost promo codes)

www.sitesled.com - absolutely free. enough space for whatever you need. very simple to use.

sitegrounds.com, very good host, i only left them couze i needed to upgrade

Thanks very much to all of you. I’m presenting a few of them to my troop tonight.

looks fresh! do you know what their policy on domain names is?