web hoting question...

I want your opinion, Is this a good deal or is it too good to be true?:
…what would I do with 300 email addresses?..

PS: can’t think of a site name…

I read the policy and must admit that this would make me a little cautious:

Customer grants iPowerWeb the right to reproduce, copy, use and distribute all and any portion of the Customer Content to the extent needed to provide and operate the Services.

But then again, the phrase “…to provide and operate the Services”, would (I think) be upheld to mean just that. So I doubt they could take an image and animation of yours and make it theirs, I do think a few things could happen. One would be that they could offer a service such as site promotion for you. But unless it is specific (which things don’t seem to be) I don’t see any reason why that “service” couldn’t be your content such as images used not only to provide the service of promotion for you, but also for them. Which may not be an issue, but still, vagueness in the legal world is like a mine field.

But then I did do a search on google [review ipowerweb] and found generally good comments on it. They’re servers are colocated, which mine was also, and I was able to offer relatively good FREE service for quite a while. However, in today’s economy, there is some hella good deals on bandwidth going on for central datacenters and hubs like they are operating in. So lets say they got a good deal on some bandwidth and rackspace. Then lets say they have a few super geeks running things smoothly. Then lets consider that nobody is going to use 300 pop mail addresses because if they did, they would most likely have their own datacenter or at least they would not be using a “hosting” service. So then it comes to all these features. Well, like I said, if there is a few super geeks running it, then this is no problem. All this stuff can be set up and maintained relatively easily once done the first time.

So I ask myself, could I have offered the same thing for $8/month???

Well, we had 100+ accounts on Iptic for FREE. Those accounts only amounted to a little over a gig of system space of which I had 30+ extra. The system usage average was also always extremely low. And Iptic was just one 1U rack server running an 800MHz PIII with 256MB sdram and two regular ATA100 hard drives (one for OS and one for www data).

So, I could have easily have offered the same on that one server. It was costing $173/month. So multiply 100 by $8/month, that is $800/month. You can see the margin :slight_smile:

But even better, down in Atlanta I could’ve gotten an entire rack for around $500/month (I think, it may have been $300) and a dedicated pipe for around $350/meg/month. So for under $1000/month that would be like an entire hosting company. So you can see where it would not be hard to make a profit. However, most IPPs kill their profit margin with unecessary overhead, such as software licensing. So if this is a few super geeks running linux, then it could most definitely be a profitable venture.

I just might give it a try as well :wink: :slight_smile:

It sounds okay, but you might want to do more research. Last time I found a deal too good to be true, they dissappeared 4 days after I loaded my webpage, and took my webpage with them.

hey cativo…if you can wait 1 month I will be able to give you…let say 25mb free (cause you,re in my team :wink: )

Me and my friend are currenly testing a webhost (ahostmaster.com)
And at the end of the month I’ll buy one for the movie and I’ll give some space to the member that want some :wink:

Thanks for the input!(I must admit that you’ve got me a little paranoid about that stament acasto!) I’ll research it…haven’t come up with a name yet(Cativo.com is taken :stuck_out_tongue: )
X-warrior: thanks. btw im still adding detail to the model…:slight_smile: