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(ben999995) #1

If i were to put a pop up banner on my page that links to all my tutorials would it detract people from goign to my site?. I am running out of free webspace with my isp and will soon have to pay just need to know.

(Bapsis) #2

I just started a home based business, and I am utalizing banner adds for a good portion of my advertising, since my current budget is less than modest… :wink: It’s definatly helped, in one week I have had near 6000 hits from about 37 different countries, no sales yet tho… :frowning:

I say go ahead and add it, test it out, and if its not something you want to continue you can always just take it out.

Anywayz… :wink:


PS: I’m reposting 'cuz i just noticed that you said pop up add, i think this would definatly be more distracting, i hate popups i just thought you ment a small static banner, guess i should have read it closer… :wink:

Blend on, and blend well!!!

(ben999995) #3

Well it would only be on one page. I would much rather have a banner but from what most people have told me and hte poll i created no one will ever click on them. I would just want to know if people would stop going to my site because of this. I will put it on my page that links to all my tutorials and thats it no where else


(acasto) #4

I would be much more likey to click on a static banner ad than a pop-up ad, for a couple reasons. First reason, I have pop-up ads blocked. Second reason, when I don’t block them, I subconciously close them. You can’t force someone to click on your ad. If they don’t click on it, it’s because the ad did not appeal to them at the moment. Do you pull off the road to go into a store by which you have no interest? So the logical key to getting clicks would be a couple of things. First, have something that appeals to your specific target audience, give them something they would want or need. Second, make the ad nice and pleasing, not intrusive or obnoxious.

I like to think of that line on the movie “Field of Dreams”… “If you build it, they will come.”

(ben999995) #5

but don’t you get commision for the add just poping up. Therefor people don’t need to click it. I am most likely wrong first time i have done something like this

(acasto) #6

I’m not sure on that one. But think about it as though you were the one paying commision everytime an add poped up on someones site. The product that you would be offering would most likely be a high-volume low-price commodity. So then think about the margin of non-buyers to the number of times the add popped up. If any commision, the amount affordable would only be extremely small. Then you have to consider the effort invovled in tracking the pop-ups vs. the benefit.

I think what I’m trying to get at is, there is very little if any benefit to you to have the pop-ups versus the hassle and little actual money you will make from them. If you have the amount of volume by which you would be making any significant amount of money, then it would probably be worth more to go to a local company that has a product applicable to your online audience, and offer them a static ad space for a nominal fee relative to your level of views they will get from your popularity.

(ben999995) #7

ummm. all i want to do is be able to pay for some more webspace with me isp when i reach the limit. I don’t want to have to go out and find a business that will advertise on my site. Although i might see how the popup goes and then change it later on. Does anyone know if you can exit out of the advertising at any time or is that up to the business you are advertising on your site?