Web Of Clay

Greetings blenderheads,

the claypeople are back. You might know them from here . I did this little piece yesterday, it’s a rather stylized, quick one, hope you enjoy it anyways. :slight_smile:



PS: excuse the cheesy title. :wink:

not bad, prefer the indigo one reminds me of roger’s ‘they came at night’

I like the claypeople. I have always had in my mind a wish to do something like your claypeople, and like the glass fighters that were on the blender3d.org gallery a while back.

They’d be megacool to animate, but getting their mouths to animate is tricky beyond belief!

Hey! I recognize that guy!
Just goes to show what you can do with a little practice and a few clear minutes.

That’s cool, and I esp. love the buildings. Personally though, I preferred the plain white guys.