Web page and game

I am making mmorpg game. I want to make a acconts in web page and you can log in whit them in the game.
How i do that.



good luck, you’ll need it. I suggest you start learning python. Try searching the forums. I believe that there are tutorials on some of the things required for an mmorpg.

by the way, the word you are trying to use is spelled “with” not “whit”.

There you go blendenzo, i refrained from lashing out.

It’s not easy to do at all. Your game and your website need to “talk the same language” so to speak. But it’s really something you’ll have to figure out when you get to that point. Start with something smaller, you may think everyone’s lying when they say “dont try and make an mmorpg”, but anyone who’s made/is making one (ME!) knows that all of that advice is 100% correct.

I’ve spent a year on my code for CDO and it’s still in the early technical stages.

Saluk did you use python for the client server?