web page header (upd 11/6: added two wallpapers)

this is for our intranet use…



it’s a web page header graphics… for our staff recreation team… organizing trips, sports, meetings, visits to museum, theaters, etc etc… you know the stuff… the guy is the organizer of this whole thing.

edit: I added the second version… there will be couple of different ones, that will be randomly displayed when page is intered.

the wallpapers are on bottom of this page!
or here:


As always, you put a lot of style in your work. Perhaps too much brightness in the lighting? But for scene on a sand shore it is certainly appropriate. Glad to see a Tux in the background of such a sunny day :smiley:

The water in the plastic boat/pool (?) seems weird, though…


Wow, this is really a nice navigation header - I’m used to make very businesslike design for my company - an intranet is a good place for a friendly style like your’s. Great!

yes, business like it’s mostly here too, but I try to break that up a bit… you know… this is intranet, I dont understand why we are so serious with it… :slight_smile:

and all my works so far, has been accepted… so… I keep on going.


Very cute :slight_smile: Just a little on the bright side but otherwise very well done.

Your work has such a wonderfully unique and enjoyable style.


Nice! I like the fun and relaxed feel of it and it sounds like it’s just right for the purpose. Reminds me of the cute graphics in the Game of Life. Can’t think of any improvements really.

How do you display a random image each time a page is loaded? I’ve tried to do it with a java script at one time but couldn’t get it to work.

It’s very big and has a large file size, but otherwise it looks good.

should be shorter. :wink:

eva: some javascript in the body onLoad trigger does the job.

wiggie: yes, it’s a bit big. but all the computers at work are running 1024x768, and the titlebar also has the navigation buttons already, so it’s ok. not really much higher than what we have here at elysiun.


lol :smiley: very funny & pro. Congrats.

sorry to bring this up again, but just finished two quick backgrounds that are related… so, the website is up and in use… people liked the graphics, and asked if I had “anything else” … heh… so, I slapped up two backgrounds from the same material…

the word “henkireikä” means… hmm, loosely translated: “lifeline”. I think that’s what it’s called… something to keep the employers going, even if the work sometimes feels exhausting.

anyways, here they are:




these can be now seen also as desktop wallpapers on library computers around Helsinki :slight_smile: