Web plugin comeback?

Came across this in the committers archive and thought this might interest some ppl. :smiley:


I (and the company where I'm working) have great interest in having

the Web plugin maintained once again. We are willing to give our efforts
in this task and, as I have heard some people (companies) are interested
on this as well and by following an advice received in #blendercoders I
decided to write an email.

I'd like to start up a committee for developing this plugin. This

will be entirely written following the blender development team
guidelines and will follow the same license as the main code.

Is there any requirement for this? Is anyone interested on

participating on this?

With best regards,

Marcelo Coraça de Freitas
Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento de Softwares

Cool, sounds great!

Woah awesome!


This is definitely good news! I hope they make cross platform plugins.

Do you have link to where you found this? I’d like to contribute a bit to the discussions on the matter if at all possible.

here is the link not sure if it will help though http://lists.blender.org/pipermail/bf-committers/2008-August/date.html

Good news! And HERE is a thread that I started just before reading yours.

this is waited for AGES !!! I used to do shockwave3D in the past, but as I switched completely to opensource years ago, nothing could replace that, and even Shockwave has fallen in oblivion … so the path is open for that technology that could also give us easy 3D interface and multiverse acces troegh a simple blender install … I wish it could happens …

I must say that Blender is catching up to commercial quality now… :slight_smile:

first was 2002, then 2006 release by bullet… its been years!

cool… looking forward for it!