web-plugin question

(datura) #1


i embeded a blenderfile to a website and would like to open another website by the blenderfile.
i know, you can do this by using the message-actuator, but the browser then completely changes the site and finishes the blenderfile.
i would like to open the other website in another frame, but the target-tag doesn’t work.

(gorgan_almi) #2

I was wondering the same thing…

(corban) #3

i prefer a workaround. write a javascript function that opens a link in a new window and use ‘javascript:bla’ as url. i tried it once with the 2.23 version and it worked for me.


(gorgan_almi) #4

nice 1 :wink:

(datura) #5

thanx a lot.

really a good workaround !!!

(datura) #6

once more me !

the solution of corban works perfect, but …
after changing 15 times the content of the website by the blenderfile
my InternetExplorer crashes.
this effect doesn’t appear on only one workstation but on three different,
so it seems to be a bug from the web-plugin.
the IE crashes with the error-message : “R6025 - pure virtual function

any suggestions, how to fix or work around it ???

(wiseman303) #7

I found instructions at blender3d.com.

To summarize:

  1. Make a message actuator.
  2. Put host_application in the To: field.
  3. Put load_url as the subject.
  4. Put the full url of the page you want to load in the Body field.

(datura) #8

thanks for the reply.

the problem of this solution is, that the website is opened in the same
frame and replaces the blenderfile, that’s why you can’t use the
Blenderfile as navigation anymore.

if you take the javascript-function instead of the url, you can open the
website in another frame, but on my workstations at work the web-plugin
crashes the internet explorer.