web publishing?

Hi, I was wondering. Has anyone had any experience in publishing interactive blender content on the web? I think few years back blender had a web plugin, but it looks like support was discontinued. Are there any other options out there? Would be nice if there were!

Have a look at this.

you need blender publisher to create but user also need to download plugin for player.

Thanks guys.

Indigomonkey: 3DNP is a neat tool, but from what I understood it basically renders a scene into a number of images. I had something different in mind - something where you could write behavior scripts and be able to interact with objects.

Jumpy-monkey: is blender publisher still available? I thought support for it was discontinued. …or at least I remember seing somewhere that web plugin was discontinued. Not so?

You can still download the 3D web plugin here http://www.blender3d.org/cms/3D_web_plug-in.15.0.html
but it’s only compatible with v.2.25. That’s where it was last supported. Not sure if you can script it though. I wanted to use it but the whole process got too messy and I gave up on it.

I’ve been looking into vrml, but so far it feels quite limited in terms of available material properties. So far I’ve been able to just export with uv maps, but they look kinda fake. Still trying to figure out this texture baking stuff. Anyone has any good tutorial links for texture baking in Blender?