Web Site Browser Compatability Poll

I’ve noticed two trends emerging in web design. Given that you actually care either way, web sites tend towards either compatibility with as many browsers as possible; or web sites that deliberately support a specific browser and if you happen to be able to access it with a different one, well that’s just swell!

I was wondering what people’s preferences are on this issue: Do you prefer to overcode ( or underfeature) a website so it is as widely viewable as possible; or do you cater to the features presented by a specific browser with a nice “Best viewable with …” message?

Or don’t you really care?

Well, since Internet Explorer is used by about 85% of the world, I guess you’re going to have to be compatable there. At least if you intend for your site to be seen by the majority of the public. Now with IE7, I asume that IE’s share will propably rise again.

i personaly think that this competability issue can easely be solved

just make sure that when you create a website you use less coding such as javascrip

lets face it, eventhou most of the people here use firefox so not to catch a virus (only 1 reason) IE is like a person in flue season, viruses all over… i think that if the site is coded normaly, without any unneded or avodable content there shouldnt be a problem

At work (where we make websites for clients), we test in Firefox and Internet Explorer, as they’re the two biggest contenders in the market, though Internet Explorer is a priority, there’s no avoiding it. I think websites which say “best viewable in” or at a certain resolution are a cop out. Though the trend of designing websites to centre at an 800 width is also annoying too, as people with bigger monitors just have empty space.

IE has more CSS incompatabilities than a primitive toaster. It’s sickening.


there should have been a “Not compatible with a specific browser” option. ANYTHING BUT IE FTW!!!

You mean to code a website to deliberately exclude a specific browser? Sorry, I hadn’t thought of that one.

I think as compatible as possible, as long as you don’t go outside standards.
If you have to go off piste to be compatible for a specific browser then it’s the browsers problem, surely?

When I make a website I design it for Firefox, but as I go along I continually check to make sure it still functions correctly in IE.
Basically, I try to make it look the same in both.