Web-site building -- browser comparison

Hey Blenderheads,

Those who would be building web-sites know you have to check your newly build site using different browsers. Now I am going to make life very easy for you: the only two browsers you need to compare is mozilla Fire Fox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Why? very simple. Mozilla Firefox and all, realy all, other browsers use common sense to read html/php/MySql. These browsers read your code as it shold be read and produce the result you intended. It is only IE that does NOT want to play ball, for whatever reason you can imgagine (and there are hundreds I can think of at the moment, money being the main one).

Since I started writing code for websites, regular checks have been made in douzens of browsers and if one and only one doesn’t want to play ball it is … you guessed it … IE (as in microsoft internet explorer). It is just sad, actually, still so many people are using IE, it should be banned … ore IE people should be “but-whipped” (quote from ‘Robots’ – dreamworks animations) or …

hope this comment helps web-site builders



p.s.: it was very late when I submitted this thread so please pardon me if I have offended anyone or if I have lots of syntactical errors!

Um, what? Secondly, all code is based on IE standards, so if it works badly, try using the most basic codes. Also, most codes have like mini codes you can add in that help with IE.

Hes just saying that to make webpages work in all browsers you only have to test it in IE or Firefox, which is handy because Ive been wondering about this for a while, whether or not ill have to test my websites in safari, chrome etc etc.

Either way, damn IE!!

Yes, that is indeed what I am trying to say, thanks for understanding AD-Edge,
and I second the “Damn IE” remark

IE doesn’t like to follow “web standards” set by the w3c. So when you make a website, you have to do all these workarounds to make your site look good in IE and all the rest. This is sorta crappy but you learn how it’s done and you just reuse your code. Then it’s no big deal.

Besides, so Microsoft doesn’t want to use someone else’s rules. Sounds like me.

And furthermore, everyone’s always talking [email protected]#$ about Microsoft but IE is actually a great browser. It opens fast and has nice features.

I like to use it sometimes when Firefox doesn’t like some webpage or widget. And I’d much rather use IE than Chrome. I used Chrome for about 6 months but I uninstalled it a month ago for a bunch of reasons.

Most of the time, Firefox is my favorite though.

Saying that there’s only two kind of web browsers is a bit misleading. Acid 3 test is a pretty good way to demonstrate this. Opera gets to 100 with only some small problems, when I tried with Firefox, it only got to 96, and IE fails horribly.

Usually if something works in both IE and Firefox, it works with everything else as well, but just checking those won’t give 100% certainty.

Anyone know a good place to find all these work arounds? I know a couple but the more the merryer.

loopduplicate: I do agree IE is a good/great browser, it would just be nice if Microsoft would stick to some if not all the conventions of w3c, cause than it would be the “Best”

workarounds: Not really one nice site with a clear summery, I just google what I need.

Microsoft is a member of W3C. They are hipocrites.

in any case, IE7 and 8 are far more standards compliant than the previous atrocities.

It opens fast because it gets preloaded with the system from the very same company. But it does have nice… bugs.