Web Site Redesign

Facelift for the site. not much else

tell me if it dosen’t work properly in your browser.


Looks fine here in Phoneix 0.5. Only suggestion I’d have is that the text on the side (rotated 90*) is quite hard to read…

yhea, that’s why they have the sysmbols underneath on the tabs… I built it for mozilla so it should work ok in pheonix

Oh and just another thing - I presume the page title ‘ready for slicing’ is unintentional? :slight_smile:

No, it makes sense to me, really.

Oh I thought it may have come from ImageReady or something where you can slice the image up to make HTML tables etc. Woops!

/me crawls back into the corner

you know, i thought the same as you did. however, mrmunkily did use imageready in the website, which may be why the title is there in the first place. which does not mean it was unintentional.

oh yea, and changing the .asp to .htm in this release shows me there was a certain wannabe factor involved in the previous release of your website… :wink:

no. it means that there wa a certain utility factor to the ASP that is no longer neccesary. It doen’t mean that the ASP didn’t have a reason to exist in the first place.

Imageready is quite good at what it does.

i was kidding

no probs. I updated the gallery…

Nice website. Very Mac-looking.

Fun to look through the random stuff, too.

Cornell freshmen, huh? One of my friends is a marketing prof up there. Too bad you’re all sciency and stuff (well, I guess that’s not too bad for you), or I’d ask you to say hey to him.

Very nice site.

science is fun!

oh, wait, no it isn’t…

p.s. click the link to “cornell university” on that page. it dosen’t lead where you think it does.

Great design. I can never seem to get my pages to look good. :<

The Blender link? A few of the others as well…

Also there is nothing in the gallery. That might just mean my browser (IE6) doesn’t like me…

Other than that, great site. Tell me, how do you get frame borders to vanish?

there are no frames on that page. Only DHTML

mmm, looks kinda mac-like

I never was one for the little hover-to-scroll arrows. No little bar, can’t tell how big the document is and can’t skip around.

Other than that, looks nice!

well, I just may write a ‘little bar’ to do just that.

Looks good! How did you make the scroller bar on the right edge of the gallery?