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This is a rework of my old “Simple Characters” post from back in March. With the new works I went back and remodeled the characters arms and hands to be one mesh, instead of lots of different parts. Another big addition was that these are all now textued using uv mapping. The first set was just textured using texture image. Lots of problems were solved by using uv mapping such as, the first sets of models textures did not wrap fully around the character, what was on the front was also on the back. But now with uv mapping I have solved these problems, the uv maps fully wrap the entire model. Anther huge difference is that with uv mapping I can texture about four models in the time it used to take to do one model.
So here are the new simple characters with bodey part improvement, and uv mapping improvments. But yes they dont have legs yet, they will probably just slide around with the shoes going up and down if I choose to do any animation.
So here they are, these first sets will be a little simple but as I get used to painting on details I will make them more complicated.
Thanks for looking :smiley:

I like them…I think they are good!

Continue the work… I Wanna see more!

dhanielc- hey thanks, got lots more to come, i want to pass the 11 total i had on the last “simple characters” thread

my ultimate goal with these characters is to be able to make some .gif animations, and maybe put up a web site were people can download them for use on websites, or with email. but i still have not been able to figure out how to get good quality .gif animations. i downloaded about 10 different programs, but the end result of all of them have been major grain, and major color change or loss. I still have a few other options to try suggested by Modron awhile back, but i have been having trouble trying to figure out how to get “gimp” to download, there site is very complicated and very hard to understand what i need to download? so i will try and look more into that.
here goes a few more, lots more of these little characters to come :o :stuck_out_tongue:


nice style, i like em alot.

That is great

My daughter would love them is they were in an animated cartoon !

Continue on this path !

with toon shading (or any form of flatter shading) they’d be perfect :slight_smile: I think the cg shading makes them stylistically confusing, but other than that, i give them two thumbs up 8)

Looks like sock dolls drawn on with marker, good job.

:smiley: thanks for the posts :smiley:

Zenitor- thanks for the nice post

Wasabe- thanks for the nice comment

only_dust- thank you for the encouraging post, i’m very happy this is somthing that your daughter would like, i will countine and see where i can go with this.

NateTG- thanks for the tip, i know very little about lighting and shading but i will try and get some toon shading done. thanks

Kansas_15- ah thanks for the sarcasm, where would i be without my catoon sock puppets?

here is another small update of characters, the jail bird is my all time favroite, i love the big head, man this is soo much fun, i’m glad you guys like it, another great thing about being able to use uv mapping is that i can adjust the characters head, waist, arms, ect. and the uv map goes right along with it, more to come


nice. I am doing a kind of similar thing lately because i have to make a crowd. trying to keep the polys down.

Modron- hey thanks for all the great .gif animation help, i tried the gimp but it was very complicated to use, and a really bulky program to work with, so i went with your second suggestion and found a free trial download of jasc animation shop, and this program is sweet man. i got it up and running and knew my way around within about 30min. and finally found what i wanted a .gif animator that keeps the files small and the quality high, sweet.

so here is a rough animation, my goal is to make lots of simple .gif animations, and lots more characters. hopefully somthing that will be funny and a lot of people will dig and use on web sites and emails and things. so i got tons more characters i’m working on, and lots more .gif animations. any suggestions for characters or animations would be cool too. thanks for looking.

i call this one walking convict

now why would you call it that ? :stuck_out_tongue: verynice WU

Grimreaper- stroke of genius i guess, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

so i got a few more characters together and one more animation. the jasc software is really great for making good .gif animations, i’m trying to get a little more complicated with the animations, more body movements, and more facial texture changes. i’m still haveing tons of fun with these little guys, so hopefully more characters and .gif animtions to come. :smiley:


This is great stuff, Wu!!

It would be really great to see an animation of some of your monsters (and maybe that eel ;)).



MTV special anyone?

LOL i love those characters they’re awesome and the animation
just cracks me up can’t stop laughing. are you planining to do
like an animated mini series of this, I know where you can host
them if you decide to. post more animations those really make
my day :smiley:

cool characters. love them animated gif’s. the last gif is my wallpaper of the day.

:smiley: thanks for the posts :smiley:

block01cube- thanks as always, your posts are very encouraging, and good idea about the .gif animations for mosters, i tried one before for my fish but turned out very grainy with my old .gif animatior, now that i have found a good one i should go back.

dlcolvin- that would be sweet dude!

friedbrain- hey thanks so much for the nice post, i have a few ideas for a short animaion, but nothing in the near future. my ultimate goal is to open up a web site and make tons of characters and .gif animations for people to use around the internet, kind of like interenet “garbage pail kids” (these used to be popular trading cards) thanks for the post.

iluvblender- thats cool that i made it onto a wallpaper, yes!!, thanks for the nice post

so my sickness countinues here are a couple more characters and a .gif animation of a pumped up wrasler. thanks guys!


got some more characters. i will try to stop long enough to build a website home to display these guys. then i can just post tons and tons of them up there.
for the most part i think i will just keep making characters untill i can get some steady ideas and steady characters that i like. and i will proably keep trying to make some gif animations.
i would like to get into some animation but i really dont have the time or paitence. but that would be cool, or a comic strip, or a book or some sort. lots of ideas to try but for now i really am content just making as many characters as i can and seeing were it goes. :smiley:


The facial animation is great, but I think you should alter the way they walk. Seeing as they have no real legs they should waddle like penguins. That would really make them hilarious.