Web Site Uploaded plz visit

(gundamf91) #1

here it is enjoy…


if it says transfer limit, just visit the next day, i just can’t find a decent host.

sorry in advance

tell me what u thing BTW


p.s there will be a picture for the index page soon… and the girls pic will be replaced soon as well.

(basse) #2

sorry, I had to give you “suxor” whatever that means, because nothing worked. I had 2 popups with ads, then javascript alert asking if I want to set it as homepage, and then when you click “enter”, I get this page, that is filled with broken picture (none of the loaded) and HUGE navbar in top of the page about gardens and travelling and stuff …

then I noticed the “open menu” command between the broken pictures and whatdoyouknow, there is some stuff on the page actually :slight_smile: great galleries… they are just too hard to find.

and overall, there are bugs… you are using some sort of fading-stuff?? well, it’s not working very well on this machine… (slow, buggy, freezing my whole computer)

simplify it a bit… and pleease try to find a decent hosting service. :slight_smile:


(Timothy) #3

I had 3 pop ups,… and didn’t get to see the site :frowning:

please look into another provider

(Millhouse) #4

No go on site entry i got in fine and it told me i was visitor number nine but not much else really

(gundamf91) #5

oh god… :o

that’s the first time i have trouble with my site…and i use pop up stopper so i don’t see pop ups.
its best for 800 x 600, i tested it so many times, anyone got good hostes??
the huge bar of NAV is the host ad i can’t do anything about it. Cos the site is free.

thank you for the input

UPDATE: Broken Pictures Fixed. My bad…

(acasto) #6

check out: http://www.elysiun.com/viewtopic.php?t=1518

or visit: http://iptic.com (not finished though)

(malefico) #7

The Twin Girls look great ! How did you model THaT ?

You’ll do better next time :wink:


(gargola) #8

the twins are not rendered(i guess) they are real!if they are rendered,he most be the best modeler on the whole world! :o

(Bapsis) #9

I gave your site a “Yes” vote, not that I thought it was particularily eye catching or going to be up for any web design awards, but for the simple fact that you have those 2 very beautiful Japanese girls on your page ( Asian fetish aleart for Bapsis!!!) hehe. :wink:
If you periodically added more pics of them, i may even visit once and a while and help turn the numbers up on your web counter!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(gundamf91) #10

correct: twins are chinese pop singers and i suck at web design

(Bapsis) #11

Hehe, i should have just said asian since i didnt know for sure that they were Japanese, but regardless they are beautiful. :wink: My girlfriend is Korean and much better at distinguishing between the different groups, guess i’v not picked up on it as well as I thought. :wink:
As for your web design, dont fret!!! I’m sure with a little practice and a little reading on the subject, on handy bit is when you see something you like, view the source. If your writting it by hand, good on you notepad is the HTML editor of choice for “real” web designers. But, if you would like some really good free software to help you out try:



Blend on, and blend well!!!

(blengine) #12

nice job overall…sites a lil bit slow with loading times, but great pic of the two girls! hehehe… the fade takes a bit long, cant u change that to like 2 seconds instead of 4 or whatever u have? that would be cool… defitely check out http://www.iptic.com … free webspace! no ads! hehe thatll get rid of those sick viagra ads on your site! lmao
i think yer designs pretty advanced, i like it , but it does murder to dialup :x

(IamInnocent) #13

Really, what was there to see except the pubs?

This is not reasonnable.

Unless it is a form of ultra-refined humour or highest art ?

Then : ??? on both account.

:wink: :wink:

(gundamf91) #14

lol viagra ads? i never encountered those…its your lucky day dude

alright…the fading thing is now 1.0 second instead of 3.0 seconds…should be better now…

(Pooba) #15

Hey, that’s a pretty good site. I hate popups, but I did get into it and everything worked. I think you should have the menu open all the time instead of having to click open menubar.

(gargola) #16

suxor??? :-?