Web Site WIP... (Update: 5-27)

Utilizing my web space and making my own web site. :smiley:

It’s a WIP, see if you can tell. :wink:

Not much to comment on yet, but it’s nice to see the first section I actually got up and running - well, almost running.

Wee, all the hits won’t be from me anymore.


Hope a web crawler finds the link and the page. :slight_smile:



How much webspace and bandwidth do you have?

Looks like about 26 Meg.

Bandwidth I think is decent. Atleast I myself download fast from it when managing the files.

I pay enough for it though.

One day I will probably host it on my own PC - or one of them atleast. Oh the joy! :smiley:

I was just wondering because if you had enough space (and PHP support) you could use a CMS.

[!] [!] [!] [!] [!] [!] [!] [!] [!] [!]
OK… (that’s a bump in disguise BTW ;))

I got the basic framework/layout of my page down. It’s now just a matter of comming up with content.

How do you like the mood/colors?
How do you like the layout? Could you find your way around?
Any problems with it on your browser?
Any suggestions?

Figured I would bump it up sience there is now more to comment on.


Added a poll for the funz of it too. :wink:


  • very easy to read text
  • clean layout, no clutter
  • navigation serves its purpose
  • good spelling and grammar


  • Colors don’t go together (lavender and cyan)
  • Navigation bar on top changes width between pages

Keep working on it. 8)

Yeah, if there isn’t enough on the page the navigation bar will shrink. :frowning:

I like how it resizes to you window size though if you shrink it down.

Mmm… I’ll try to make it so it always takes up the space.

As for the colors, well, lets just say I’m thankful for style sheets. :slight_smile: I will probably try to add more blue into the nav bar, it does stand out. (Note: There isn’t a hint of red anywhere if I remember right, not sure that makes it “lavender?”)

Thanks for the tips.

Looking nice. Gallery is put together in a pleasing and simple way, and the page loads nice and fast. Links in the text descriptions are good. Just keep adding more.

Overall a pretty nice job. 5 of 10 stars!

I just relized how different it looks in a netscape browser. :frowning:

I’m a little unhappy about this web development crap where everyone has a different standard their browser fallows. But not anything I can do about it. :expressionless:

You’re right… I just opened your site in Internet Explorer and it does look somewhat different.

99% of the time I use Firefox and there I don’t see those nice frames you have around the pictures (which also make it a bit more obvious that you can click on them). Also the content on the first page is not centered in Firefox. Those are the only differences I can see. Oh, and the font for the picture titles (“Green Box” etc.) seems a bit smaller in IE but that’s not something I would worry about.

The frames around the thumbnails would be nice to have especially since they are quite large for thumbnails. Alternatively you could add a hint like “click on the pictures to see a larger version” just to make it clearer.

It’s always a good idea to look at the site you’re building on different systems, browsers, resolutions, etc. to make sure it looks good for as many people as possible. Good luck.

I think it’s a start ;), here are some crits:

  • the colours don’t fit - if you need inspriration, you could use this wonderful tool: http://kohaistyle.com/scripts/quickcolor

  • your pages are very long, I think you should arange your gallery horizontally using HTML tables and maybe smaller thumbnails

  • try to keep your navigation consistent if your website grows - and if you decide to keep big thumnails and long pages you could use a single top or side frame that stays in place when the user scrolls down the pages

Always good to see the things that blenderheads produce - keep on!

That quickcolor thing was interesting. Although I don’t think that is the only color options you have available.

Smaller thumbnails? Maybe…

Pages to long? Perhaps, but I don’t think making them horizontal will help.

ok, you need some serious webdesign tips… i dont mean to brag, but I have done some professional web design, so I think I can offer some advice. :slight_smile:

[>] Firstly, you need to decide what you want your frontpage to actually show… Do you want it to be a place to display content, or just a welcome splash screen? If your site is ‘exclusive’, and wont be recieving millions of information-hungry visitors, then I suggest you go for a splash screen - makes thesite more pro and allows you to set out a particular theme for your site.

[>] Get RID of that hit counter - I dont think it looks too good. If you have PHP support - i’ll give you a script, that you can use to store page views - it will be much more flexible in terms of style.

[>] Remove ALL traces of CYAN - i.e. the really reflective blue that is colouring the text in your top navagation. The colour is not only considered a bit tacky, but it is also somewhat straining to the eyes due to its high reflectivity… Stay away from lime green as well - this colour has a bad reputation for eye strain too.

[>] Decrease the font size, and make the CSS file your using less complicated… I looked at your site’s code, and I think it could do with some cleaning up… As has already been pointed out, the code does not work with all browsers - I use Mozilla, and the content isn’t centred…

[>] Try a simple theme - black on white, with low res grey to white gradient images (GIF). Keep the theme simple. If you want, you should look at Landis’s website - it uses really simple colours, but they all work really well… http://www.landisfields.com/

I hope you don’t feel I’ve grilled your website, but I am just trying to offer useful advice. If you want, you can PM me for some advice on code optimisation…

Best of luck with the rest of the site. :slight_smile:

Hey not bad so far, did u accully make that counter or did u get one of the free ones off the net? I really like the art/renders page. Did u hand code this?