Web sites teaching French for Spanish speaking people ?

A friend and a co-worker here is trying to learn to speak French ; his mother tongue is Spanish. I’d like to help but I don’t understand that language and this is seriously limiting my habilities to search the web for sites offering (preferably no fee) teaching for him. Hopefully, someone here can help me to help him.

Thanks for your time, in advance.


I put many, many hours into searching the web for just such a site, but unless you’re willing to pay (and the good ones with support are not cheap) there isn’t really anything out there. I ended up getting Spanish books with their english translations and my third one was Cien anos de Solidad, a heavy to read clasic so I can now consider myself reasonably proficient (I can understand the commentators in a soccer match!). Of course it helped that I was living in Spanish speaking countries at the time. Spanish to French should be easier.


Spanish to French should be easier.
So you would think %| …
Anyhow, I think the best bet is to try your local library…


Idea of this is that your friend learn french while its partner learn spanish. From what I heard , it’s very efficient but you must have a starting level. totally free

internet based french lessons from a spanish university

various lessons


you can search for following keywords :

  • français langue étrangère
  • FLE
  • apprentissage français espagnol
  • cours français espagnol

Thank you to you all.

I didn’t know about the FLE abbrev, since I am not from France : it proved quite useful.