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(CubeFan973) #1


I have some stuff I want to put on the Web, but I have no web site! Either the ones I try out suck (namely GeoCities and Freeservers) or they have you pay for the services!

Where is a GOOD FREE place I can put my pictures and animations, as well as stuff on other stuff like movies?


(theeth) #2

www.iptic.com it’s always evolving (well, we should teach more evolution)


Thanks Acasto!


(acasto) #3

lol… theeth :smiley:

I’m really planning on working on it this time, here soon.

(CubeFan973) #4

Well, I did join Iptic.com but can’t get an evolving web site! It’s mainly because I can’t upload my pages!

EDIT: Is there ANY free web server that I can start an evolving site on?

(acasto) #5

Cubefan, the site is fine, the java http file manager is all your having problems with. Download an FTP client and use that to upload your pages!

(CubeFan973) #6

What’s a good FTP client? As a matter of fact, what’s FTP?

(S68) #7

FTP - File Transfer Protocol, a way to transfer files over internet. Only way besides e-mail attachment for long.

All SO worth their name has a command line FTP client (yes, even windows) this is the one we, old boys still use, command line is great, you can always use it.

There are graphical shells for FTP, if you use Windows I may suggest Windows Commander (Make a Search) CuteFTP etc. etc.


PS. This is my 999 post… for those who count posts :slight_smile:

(digitalSlav) #8

ditch the whole cute ftp thing… most of these widely known ftp programs are pure crap that don’t have organization and usually have problems connecting and keeping that connection.

check out CoffeCup Free Ftp… been using this one for years and it has never failed me!

(joecool) #9

yeah ditch cute ftp. I got it and it’s horrible.
I gotta a win. 95 one, and it works great.