Web space

(Bogey) #1

Can anyone suggest a free web space host. Ive jazzed up V1 and now
find Its over the transfer limit on my temp site. Any help would be appreciated.

(stephen2002) #2

I use 50 megs (actually only 12 in the free account)

They have 11MB transfer/day, 512MB transfer/month

The file size limit is only 256KB, so it is kinda wimpy for video.

(Bogey) #3

Ive been using 0catch for pics and I thought the limit was 5meg,
but tried last night and they seemed to have changed thier layout,
and now its a 1 meg limit. The game is 2.2 zipped but after my first post
I spoted saluks post about a game site so Im hopeing he may be able to
help me out until I can create my own site. (next project)
Thanks anyway, Bogey