Web space

Does anyone know a web server that is totally free in every way, shape, or form, but doesn’t have banner ads and supports FTP? I know that this is very hard to find, so please don’t respond unless you have the perfect solution. Thanks.

paying for a host is very worth

your best bet may be hosting it yourself, most sites I have seem that come close don’t last long


every way, shape, or form is rather broad.

your isp probably has some space for you
mine (earthlink) gives each email account some space… features:
2Gb of tranfser a month iirc (not metered hourly)
and they have some cgi scripts you can use… obvious things like a counter and a guestbook
no advertisements
no (known) disallowed file types
allows linking to images from other sites

reblended!!! REBLENDED ROCKS!!! If you use blender, you can be hosted at reblended. Visit http://mysite.reblended.com for more info.

well if two people want to pay approx $2.50 USDa month i will give them 100Mb space, ftp access, MySQL php, email, and as many subdomains as they really want at mud-puddle.co.nz bandwidth would be 8Gb between 3 people. and trust me this is plenty.


i would like to know if there is a good website that can host video formates.
has to be more then 5mb


http://www.webspace4free.biz will give you 200 megs webspace and ulimited bandwidth… the only problem is that it’s a little bit slow, and I’ve had problems with thier servers being down

i have not found a good, free host something or a nother
angelfire sucks!!!

Heloo? Reblended?! ANYONE?!

Don’t worry, Lenny. I checked it out and will have my stuff up there soon. Thanks for suggesting it. :smiley:

Oops! I meant Lemmy.