Web SVG art doesn't import correctly

Using the SVG import addon, I cannot get anything sensible from Web SVG art. Just some weird curves. Does Web SVG differ to much from regular SVG? How could I convert it? I wanted to use SVG-edit http://svg-edit.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/editor/svg-editor.html to generate simple titles, in a browser instead of an installed app.

I guess I can save as PNG format but want scalability.

Why not use Inkscape? No need to install Inkscape: unzip and run (at least, on Windows).

Thanks I guess I will but I didn’t have to download this as runs in browser.

There is no such thing as “regular SVG” anymore.
SVG is a markup language and comes in lots of dialects, extenstions and variations.
There is an “open standard” for it, which allows you pretty much nothing fancy. IIRC “plaing svg export” from Inkscape abides to this standard, the “inkscape svg export” does not. Latter just gives you mostly crap importing to Blender.