(Nayman) #1

Hmmm, this is sort of a question, but because it would be treading new ground, i figured its more of a discussion than a question…

What would the best way top go about webbing be for a spiderman movie? webbing to shoot out of a wrist. I cant figure out how to do a sillystring like substance firing in a line… anny suggestions? maybe dynamica would incorperate somthing like that?

(harkyman) #2

It would seem that metaballs, using the tube forms coupled to standard ball shapes (or, if you have the proc. power, simple balls in a particle system) would be a possibility for modelling the webbing as it appears in many of the comics. Haven’t seen the movie yet, though, so I can’t give you any hints on that.

(S68) #3

Metaballs are so costly, computationally speaking…

what about a subsurfed mesh animating single vertices?


(BgDM) #4

I am no animation expert, (as of yet anyway :wink: , so anyone out there correct me if I am wrong. Can you not do as S68 said and also add an alpha texture so that it looks more like a web and then turn on/off with ipo’s?

Man I need a 2.0 guide. Although, I am sure, no animation stuff is in there :frowning:


(Nayman) #5

I wasa thinking that maybe the build function could be useful

anyone know how to use it so it builds in an order, and not random

(stephen2002) #6

the only way to have builds not be random is to press x-sort in the edit buttons. Hash will randomize the verts. This works for particle systems, but I have not actually tested it on a build effect.

(wewa_juicyb) #7

How about combining a 1-axis scaling or a moving alpha map (use “glob” coordinates)? Or you could use a Lattice. Yes a Latticle is probably the best.

(Nayman) #8

Hmmm, keeep em coming

maybe we should all try it out and write tutorial on it![/list]

(SKPjason) #9

I agree with S68… that would be the best way to go if you want to make something quick and easy… without blowing out your RAM… To enhance the webbing… perhaps you could also isolate the mesh into a seperate scene and use the glow plug-in in the sequence editor… Playing around with the settings - you should be able to get a nice fat, silky, web shot…