(Nayman) #1

hey, i finally figured out a method for webbing… WAY overly complicated, but i think it looks good. Like the motion match?


keep in mind, this only about an hour and a half of work… could be alittle smoother, and gotta work out a little but better sag, but i think even this rough could work in short shots

(Goofster) #2

Never mind the webbing! WHO’s THE BABE?!!! :smiley:

seriously. it looks neat. I dont like the motion matching (sorry) maybe it would look better with a device on her wrist. could be the CG/video difference too. I understand its a test. It could work for far away shots. how did you make the webbing? armatures? I see a straight curve in the line.


(Vidigiani) #3

Yeah it looks like the web goes through her hand a bit there… But if you set it to repeat you get a lot of upper chest movement :P. Sorry, I had a goofster moment!

(Goofster) #4

sure, blame me. I’m not the one changing their settings to see breasts move…


ps. If you get the right mediaplayer you can change the playingspeed…It looks like she’s running :smiley: mmmmmMmmM

(Nayman) #5

thats her boyfreind she is webbing, and one of my best friends… ewww

i realize the motion match on her wrist is terrible, but that’s not what i am focusing on. The face is what i spent my time on

(S68) #6

Looks good,

too straight in many points for me, and I would have made it a little transparent…


I’m getting an idea…

I’ll try it and let you know :slight_smile:


(djfuego) #7

OK but not enough web…
and yes it does look more metalik than transparent or opaque

(Nayman) #8

What is it s 86?

(Vidigiani) #9

Hehe your first line and your last line seem to contradict eachother :P. Any the thing is, I could blame you and get away with it :P.

(S68) #10


Like it :slight_smile: ?


(Nayman) #11

In principle it is good…

how did you do it?

(blengine) #12

what a babe :wink:
oh yeah… the webbing…nicely done! i didnt notice it went threw the hand until others pointed it out to me :x
good job =D

(S68) #13

Thanx :slight_smile:

It is a level 3 subsurfed mesh animated with RVK (I learned them just yesterday :stuck_out_tongue: ) If you want I’ll send you the .blend