Webcam Mocap experiments

Hey y’all,

My lounge room is currently an improv mocap setup with two Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000’s and a computer full of open-source this and demo version that. Main programs (other than the beloved Blender) I’m having a crack at are DgeeMe, EyesWeb, OpenCV, Visual Marker, bvhacker and a few others. (yes, much research done, much more to go.)

About to go buy a black skivvy and ping pong balls, will let you guys know if I get anywhere with results in a useable way. This isnt for a summer blockbuster, so my level of ‘acceptable’ will differ with ILM’s, but should be fun.

Also, if people have tried the same thing - please let me know what worked, what didn’t etc. I havent ruled out the idea of ‘cheap’ software (ie under $400 or so, pref under $200) so if people know of those the that would be great. Trying the demo of SynthEyes a bit.