I’ve created a webcam, any suggestions about the lens? (I can’t get the glass looking good there :frowning: )

Have you got z or ray transparenct enabled?
I suggest having the lens with a hith spec and highish hard on a different layer to the rest, lit by an extra lamp that only affects that layer.

PS Shouldn’t this be in WIPs?

ray transp is on. it’s set on 1.52. Is that high enough?

and about post in WIPs, where is that?:o

On the homepage go to works in progress.
That’s where people usually post works in progress;)
Try my lighting suggestion and see if that improves it, then post in the WIP forum.

Just noticed that was your first post so welcome to blender and elys… whatever we’re meant to call it now:D

this is the WIP forum:

Thanks :wink: I’ll post next update in WIP