I modeled this webcam because of it’s interesting shape and design.
This is the render.


Might want to rethink the materials. Looks like basic blender material with varius of levels on specularity. Shape look ok

Well, check the original model.
What is it modelled from?
Which webcam?

i think you should turn down the spec on all the parts
the “glass lens” looks like “plastic” because the spec needs to be harder
also you need textures-maybe some subtle procedural bump mapping?

Thanks for all the suggestions.There was actually a bump texture on the gray siding but it was very subtle.I cranked it up a bit to make it more noticable.Also I played around with the specular on the lens and got a more convincing glassy look.

Here’s the latest render…


the button on the side (if its a button) should be a different colour from the rubber(im guessing) which has the bump map applied to define each… i think :slight_smile:

lens looks nice now

Simple a sweet. Nice job.