Webcomic: I'm Not Mad

Back in November I started up a webcomic using Blender for the art-style. In the tradition of “We the Robots”, I’m announcing it here after having a few strips under my belt. I am primarily using Blender and Inkscape and learning more and more about Blender as I go along. Just from my first strip to my latest one I feel that my lighting and other techniques have improved.

The URL is: http://notmadcomic.com

and here are some samples:


Haha those are pretty funny =D How long have you been using blender?

Thanks for the compliments. I’ve been using Blender for 2 years off and on again.

Ah, ok. Yeah, I started about that long ago, but I stopped for more than a year =P By the way, I LOVE the one where the guy gets rick rolled! XD

Had some DNS issues this morning. So until the new IP address propagates through the DNS servers, the comic may be unreachable.