(webdesign) Method of attachment display on BA.org?


I really like the method of displaying of the attachments (images) on these forums. The images is nicely resized with black bg. I would like to use something like that on my own gallery.

Here is an example what I mean: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1228157 (click on the attachment in the first post).

Is it CSS? Is it Javascript? The code is very hard to read and I am not a pro webdesigner.

Can someone redirrect me to some tutorial or help in other way. (Sorry if this request is too offtopic or the method is private.)


This is called “Lightbox”:



Hi, Goofster. Thanks for help, this exactly what I needed.

Ok prop iirevelvant to whats going on,
@Goofster, could you use LightBox for data? ie click on a link and more data comes up like an image, or would it be best to generate an image with the “extended” data?