(Timothy) #1

Hey all,

I’ve been wanting to design a personal webpage for myself (duh) for a while now. And yesterday I finally sat down for a bit of a fight with photoshop to finish up with a nice webdesign. I converted it to HTML today and this is the result:


I still need to make the content etc,… and I need to make a better picture of myself. But please comment on the design,… and in perticular browser compatibility. I only used 1 tag which doesn’t comply to HTML 4.01 transitional, but unfortunately I can not change that (shouldn’t be too big of an issue though,… perhaps netscape 4 might F it up).


Timothy Kanters

(iluvblender) #2

Hi Kib.

That is a nice page. Lookin good :smiley: . Liked the grayish mood. Your picture needs to be more clear though. :wink:

Looking forward to it.

:slight_smile: Satish

(LohnS) #3

great work there, looking good =D

i also second the grey mood, really sleak.

(Andy Goralczyk) #4

real nice site design!
i like the colors… :smiley:

[ http://www.artificial3d.cjb.net/ ]

(Cativo) #5

Nice, I might have to steal the design from you >)


(Timothy) #6

Thanks for the comments,… seem to be positive yay! (I was quite pleased with how it turned out aswell).

btw catavio,… there is a copyright statement at the bottem :slight_smile: haha


(SKPjason) #7

Worked and looked great on my IIE browser…

As always, Kib’s design work is flawless, the color scheme is appropriate, and tho you claim the need for a better picture… I kinda like the effect of the blurry pic… Oh… and I thought the line "Walking the Earth since… " was the neatest little tidbit…

Cheers. :smiley:


(wiensta) #8

hi kib,
i assume you made this post so you know what to change in the site, not to hear “great”, “i love it” etc. i personally hate when i get those comments.


heres what i think.

nice layout, i dont really like the font, im beginning to now think the simplest fonts are the best!, colour scheme is ok (not spectacular) i use gray tones a lot myself, and conidering it is a resume, those colours are probably more appropriate.

of course, like so many of my posts are, please dont mistake this as blind pessimism, just tryin to help!

(theeth) #9

nice layout, the grey colours makes it very smooth to the eye.

I agree with Jason, the blurred photo is somewhat nice. Maybe you could put the unblurred version when the user hoover the mouse over the blurred one. Or simply a link, something like that.


(dotblend) #10

hey kibby,

gray, why gray?
owkee, it’s a neutral color… but gray?

it a nice beginning

click herefor some colour

(beatabix) #11

i just have to say --> scrolling is bad!

you page is just a little too tall, for no particular reason. scrolling is an annoyance for visitors to the site, especially when the information could easily be put on a single page.

it’s just my opinion, but the best personal sites are the ones that require no scrolling, fitting the information on one page. at least have the front page fit in the window, present all the relevent information so no effort is required by the people who you hope will give you a job.

as for the colour scheme --> neutral grey, nice, but maybe a bit too neutral. a little more contrast might be better, otherwise the eye just gets lost in the blandness of it. you obviously know a bit of colour theory, looking at this site, but the high contrast is the greatest strength of this colour scheme, which you personal site lacks.

hope you find my comments helpful.


(harkyman) #12

I vote for the grey. Also, I agree with wiensta about the font. Simpler is better. Unless it’s a formal occaision or you’re trying to be flowery, I wouldn’t go with a script font.

One other thing. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but I feel kind of strange with a really big picture of someone’s face on my computer screen. I’ve seen things like this done in the past excepting that the mugshot has been heavily processed (blurred/ high-constrast leaving only a rim-lighting effect, etc.) until it seemed to be more art than simple photographic portrait. It’s up to you, though, obviously.

(Timothy) #13

The main font will be helvetica, size 2, (same as here). I will pic a different title font this weekend (my sister is helping me out, as she is a publisher she has a large collection of fonts). I will also make a new picture, and thinking of not just a portrait but some cooler picture (me and my sister will probably do some shooting this weekend for that aswell).

I will look into that scrolling, I think you’re right that scrolling is bad when it’s not required. I’ve been developping this on 1600x1200 so I will have to take it down to 1024x786 and 800x600 to see how it looks in those resolutions.
As for the contrast I don’t think I’ll change it too much (perhaps fiddle a bit with it).

lmao I actually had this in a color scheme aswell,… but it just looked really gay :slight_smile:

Timothy Kanters

(S68) #14


so you will be twenty soon :slight_smile:


(Timothy) #15

oh my the big 20,…

(IamInnocent) #16

Does that mean that you walked out of your mother or just started right after ?