WebGL Deferred Rendering (Blender spotted)

Listening to WebGL Podcast #1 , they talked about this cool demo.


he uses blender for 3d, and it’s pretty sweet results. Make sure to check the live demo.

pretty neat :slight_smile: would be so awesome if blender gameengine had a webgl target and you could do fancy stuf like that , or atleast set it up from within blender.

That’s indeed a pretty neat demo. If somebody wants to try it out: Be patient, it takes up quite a while to load and it locks up Firefox in the process.
If you can find someone crazy enough to do it, the blenderplayer could be ported using emscripten. It has previously been used to port sauerbraten for a demo called BananaBread.
Having said that: I’m not a big fan of web applications and I’m skeptical about WebGL adoption - it’s a huge security risk and I find it irresponsible that it gets executed without even a warning on some browsers.

WebGL continues to impress! Didn’t think much of it when I first heard of it but it seems to have quite a bit of power to it.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if someone wrote an entire game-engine in WebGL actually :wink:

@ninthjake that has been done :slight_smile: Three.js is a pretty extensive framework for general 3d development.

pure game engines, there’s Quake3 in WebGL, RAGE in WebGL.

this is another Web gl project by this same guy

this guy is working on a web gl framework for blender really fast