WebGL MMORPG Looking For Modeler/Animator

Greetings Blender community!

I have created a browser based video game using WebGL and the Three.js library. Our first models/animations were an OK starting point, but it is time for a new coat of paint.


The original animations were exported from Blender using the three.js propietary Blender exporter, which was very buggy and difficult to work with (IK constraints for example would not export correctly). Recently three.js has adopted the GLTF format and the accompanying Blender exporter.

https://gltf-viewer.donmccurdy.com/ (online viewer)

I am looking for some quality character models along with rigged skeletal animations. These animations include Run, Idle, Aggressive Stance, Swim, Death and several attack/spell animations.

The models are your typical MMO characters. Titan (Warrior), Priest, Assassin and Philosopher (Mage), both male and female. We are starting with just these main playable characters, but if we find a good fit here, we will be happy to expand beyond those.

We (myself and my cousin) pay for this project out of pocket, so we do not have deep pockets laden with investor capital, but I do want to pay fairly for hard work. We historically have payed per model/animation (or animation group).

Please contact me at [email protected] and provide a portfolio if you are interested in working on this project, and we can discuss payment.

Thank you =]


Mail sent, Please check.

You can add me over skype:cis.am4


Thank you to all applicants!

This roll has been filled.