WebGL - X3DOM or Three.js?

Hi everyone,
i was trying to load my 3D object from Blender into website. But, i’m a little bit confused what i should use for framework.
Would you mind telling me which one between X3DOM and Three.js better is, and why?
i tried both already to load an object, just for loading an object and it works. but, i need do more than that. that’s why, i would like to know, what Three.js can do which X3dom can’t do or other way.
i would like the website would be an interactive so user can do something with the object later.
btw, sorry if i put my question in wrong room.
thanks in advance! :smiley:

just depends on how low level you want to go.

If a framework allows for animation, then I would go for it.
However, from a coder’s perspective, you never know what might become a bottleneck later on, so don’t tie yourself to using arcane file formats in case you migrate to another viewer or write your own. It would suck having to redo all those animations.

Also, check to see which files it can load programatically. As for threejs, I think away3d has a thing called prefab which allows you to export your model, but I’ve never tried to use it for threejs. I’m kinda busy right now with a project so I can’t help, but I might be able to later. *no promises though.

do you have tried x3dom and three.js? just in your opinion, which one do you prefer to use? and why?
about level, hmm…at the end i just would like to get the size of 3D object (maybe with bounding box)…i want to analyze both of them and then try to implement further more.

I’ve worked with threejs I love it, very like the 3d libs for flash if you have used them.
I can vouch for threejs if you’re going to make something very custom made.

Otherwise you can use p3d to embed 3d models etc very quickly and easy.


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