Webhosting - Need advise

I didn’t know where to post this so please move this topic if it doesn’t belong in this subforum.

So I’m looking for a decent and affordable webhost. It should support all the general stuff, like php, MySQL and so on but besides that I would also like Python support.

My first thought would be at one.com, decent price but they do not support Python and they do not allow heavy traffic, which I might get because I want to host games/real-time demo’s using Burster.

Option 2 could be at servers.nl (Dutch site), but their prices START at €19/month, maybe in the future for commercial plans that might be an option, but at the moment it is above my budget.

I want to build out a decent portfolio and improve my skills, Linux server (of course), PHP, MySQL, Python support and extra’s always welcome.

So I’m looking for something between those 2 hosts I named, decent price, not too limited… Any suggestions? If you know any better, please let me, and the Blenderartist community, know about it!

34 views and no comments. :frowning: Well anyway, I think I will host at godaddy.com, looks decent price/quality.

I would not get Godaddy

Try 1and1.com or dreamhost.com

You are speaking of webhosting and in the same paragraph about game hosting and linux server.

What are you looking for now anyways?


freehostia.com has worked well for me in the past… not sure about python, tho.

Hostgator.com and hawkhost.com

I’d go with the first, but the second gives alot for small price and is good too. Both have really good reputation through the years, which is rare in the business.

For domains I prefer to have another company so I change hosting when i want… And for that, namecheap or godaddy, specially the first…

I rarely go with another, too much risk… there have been know probs with 1and1, site5, dreamhost(seems now less, but got pricey),etc, a lot of the major names today. So, better go with good ones.(which are only a few)

Indeed, in other price range, but good, liquidweb, asmallorange, etc.

Take a look at michtinelabs.com and generation-host.com. I have used both and they both provide an excellent service. Their prices are pretty good too.

escaped turkey gives php & mysql for $10/month: http://www.escapedturkey.com/webhosting/index.html

they guarantee the bandwidth they offer & as long as it’s legal don’t care what you use it for. I’ve been using them for game hosting for a few years now & gotta say, they can move a 1.4gb files from a server in calf to their server in texas in less then 5 seconds. Always updating the hardware too, warns of maintenance times, etc.

I can recommend Ix webhosting. I use personally use them too and there is actually nothing I can complain about. In my mind they have a very good cost effectiveness and besides this their customer support is great.