Webpage with OceanSim animation

Anyone able to help? I need a webpage with an ocean animation looping.
I was thinking of a static background with a div containing the animation over the top, 'spose about 100 - 150 pixels high would be enough.

What do you think? Do-able?
How could I get the animation up there?

I can use tutorials to get the sim part (I presume :rolleyes: ) but just a bit unsure about getting it up there.

Hope you can help!

Render the oceansim out and create a simple flash movie.
No money for flash? Use “Vectorian Giotto”… it’s free :wink:

You could also try an animated gif, but that’s completely 90’s and usually looks crappy.

Finally, you should ask a mod (use the warning triangle bottom left) to move this to one of the support subforums, not sure though which one… Off-Topic isn’t really as frequented as it was anymore, especially not by the helping hands around here.


Flash movie? No!

Render to image sequence and use this:

Can also help you with this

Only javascript is required then. No flash.
Or you make html5 videos.

Yeh, undesireable, but still an easy way to solve the issue :wink:

That looks like cool stuff, didn’t know it.

HTML5 is a nice solution too, but AFAIK not very x-browser. While those people developing barely use IE for instance, it’s still wide spread amongst the people thinking that the blue E is the icon for the internet. :wink:
I’d rather go with jsmovie.

One drawback I see with jsmovie quickly looking over it is the lack of a setable playback framerate.
Will it be fast enough, even on slow machines to show a big video in a smooth framerate?
What framerate will be used anyways? The tutorial section is somewhat greedy with informations and the Wiki non existant.

Disqualifying HTML5 video for it’s compatibility issues (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTML5_video#Browser_support) and jsmovie for it’s early developing stage, the good, bad and ugly Flash comes back to mind :wink:

But I am certain there are other java solutions to this.

so if per se… sound is needed then flash is still the way to go right?

An animated TGA and a looped mp3 might be under 3mb but flash would be easier.

hi twmffat
i found one website The Authors of all clips are experienced artists, who own full copyright to their works as all necessary source assets. Join us if you are talented Artist please visit that’s link for any animation help Editableclips

Editableclips.com offers a growing library of conformable motion graphics for use in film, television, commercials, interactive web sites, and other multimedia productions. You can order customization directly from the Author

Sure you can set the fps:


See the last example
Should work without any problems (but you should often preload the “film / movie” before playing it).
Also there are some examples and all parameters in the sourcecode on googlecode

Java is not Javascript. Java is a whole object orientated true (crossplatform) porgramming language and javascript is a web scripting language (mainly for websites) =)

Oh boy. I the heat has harmed my brain it seems. I checked 5 time, checked again now and took me another few triest to see the FPs option :smiley:

I know. I am a computer scientist. But I just “know” web development stuff. I dont know it. Don’t use it…
I do the real programming stuff ducks and runs off hehe

Ah ok =)

Well, me too. Learned also 3 years of java and assembler … in school and much more in my freetime (c, c#, java, ruby on rails …)

Java takes time to load not only on the page but also in the local machine’s tray. That’s one of the reasons Flash and HTML5 have so much appeal they load embedded with a plugin. They’re just up and running faster. I like Java too but to use it on your web page is to make the viewers wait on it. I’m not trying to say that it’s a bad idea but I wouldn’t use it for something as simple as a clip. I’d just put up with Flash until HTML5 is stable

This could be too late. Did you recognize that Adobe drops the development of the flash player on more platforms? Linux, Android … and then Windows? HTML5 should be used where possible. All modern browsers support it. If not (use modernizr to check if the browser supports it) give them an image sequence (using jsmovie?). Also image sequences are (maybe) easier to manage and maintain and this solution works on all browsers who have javascript enabled. They dont need html5.

But if you think a solution which requires a plugin like flash player, well ok. I dont like flash at all.

How does an interpreted language get around using it’s API? It’s still loading and running just in a background process. With not liking Flash; you’re far from alone. :wink:

What do you mean?
A whole flash film just for this is too much. He should try using jsmovie if it is what he needs.