Webplug-in + JavaScript

Hi, everyone.
The blend file is embedded in upper frame. Move cursor with holding LMB to rotate the cube. When you right-click a face of the cube, JavaScript function (which is embedded in the upper frame) should open a page in lower frame.
But Warning, after clicking many times, IE clashes with error massage. I have no idea what the cause is :-?
Thanks yamyam for the helps and the mouse drag script.
By the way, those charactors are WIP :slight_smile:
Any comments and suggestions welcome.

cool! that’s very useful… :smiley:

nice work!
Unfortunately, Web plug-in can’t read a page to another frame or window with the base tag. I think this is really useful for the web plugin user…

Sorry for my delayed reply, and thank you very much again. I wish this example useful to someone.

could you post an example that isnt locked, cause its not to useful if we cant open the file to see how you did it :stuck_out_tongue:

but really, thanks, its gotten me back on track with my attempts at web pages

I delayed again… :smiley: :expressionless:
Hope this help.