Website 3D model viewer alternative?

Not 100% sure if this is the right place for the thread but here it goes.

I am helping out some friends ( they are web developers/programmers) with a tattoo website. And inside there will be a 3d model viewer, human models of course, so people can show which parts of the body their tattoo is on.
I have seen 3d model viewers where you can rotate the character on his axis, zoom, pan with button controls or manually, everything silky smooth, but got no clue how it’s made.
I tried webgl with x3d but it feels very limited and rough, definitely no axis spin.
Could someone point me to a good alternative, something to search for. The programmers can do their job but I don’t know what platform suggest for best experience.

You can try blend4web

Follow these tutorials…

I think 10 , 11 ish go into export from blender direct and how to manipulate the output…

three.js is a way to go…

they use three.js for these types of things.

Lately, I’ve also been doing some experiments with three.js (MIT License). It comes with an export-addon for Blender which lets you export objects into the three.js format. This worked quite well for what I had in mind (displaying 3d packaging concepts on a website). The files also include an example for navigating around an object/scene which was easy to adopt for my own objects.