Website Advertising - Just a Question

Who does the advertising on this site?

I am wondering if the advertising is customized by locale, or whether everyone gets the same ads.

Today I am receiving a whole bunch of very California specific ads, and I am wondering if everyone else is getting them as well.


im pretty sure it uses key words from the page your on so if your on a page that says “ferrari” you might get an add for a ferrari model and if you on a page that says mmorpg it might give you an add for a new mmorpg?
at least thats the way most work :slight_smile:

Well, every single page I went to had a very California-specific advertisement (political).

@ charliemcf right you are! the site have not thing to do with is, it the way they set it up and I use ads on my blog and the first day i added them it was … :o .;; Hoha! ; .:eek: …; WOW !! some word on my blog site! :spin: after that my blog start to show normal ads as it had it be.