~website advice needed~

hello again everyone. i’m building my site from scratch, but i’m stuck. anyone know of a good free program to turn this image into html code? i think the GIMP does this, but i have no idea how. i’ve googled it, but didn’t find anything helpful. i just want to keep it simple… so the buttons work as linx and i can put text in the box etc. c&c welcome… thanx yall ~ still learning :slight_smile:

{image recanted}

Find a free WYSIWYG Htmal editor, it should do it



the resulting file will kill your ram and web browser. Well, possibly not, but I woudn’t want to take the chance.

For websites, you don’t actually save the image as html. The html pages refer to the images, using this code:


Then, you can use images as links like this:


So, if parts of the image link to different places, what you have to do is use a program like the gimp to seperate the image into lots of smaller images, so there is a seperate image for each button etc.

Then, the hard part is making sure all the images line up.

So, the code for a page could look like this:




means new line)

good luck…

or you could just do it my way which is 10 times easier

whats your way? :<

hey thanx for the tips. chutney: i went to that site and grabbed zee first one on zee list. its a bit confusing, but i’m always that way with new progs. lightning: my html skillz are decent, but not so good as to do this page… iv’e never made a site this way and i wanted to learn the basics first.
if there is another way to attak this, please don’t hesitate to share.
tanx again blenderheadz!



another option if you don’t want to chop that up and put it in different table cells is to make the whole thing an imagemap. You can use an imagemap editor like KimageMapEditor (for KDE) or the GIMP imagemap plugin. Maybe even Quanta or Nvu have one built in, I’m not sure.

You know, sometimes it is amazing how much information you can pick up just by reading ALL the posts in a thread. I know that may take a little effort reading and all but…


oh, i didnt really think that was a ‘way’ of doing it when i read it. i was tired. my bad. :slight_smile:

Owch, ok if u need help contact me at [email protected]
i will be happy to help you, i have made many other professional websites,

www.centri.ca was one of my first projects…

well i would start by makeing it not so cluttered and more of a clean style.