Website, and a little help needed...

Hello all!!! Some of you already “know” me, but my name’s Josh, and I’m from HiddenLeafStudios…
Recently we’ve made some MAJOR updates to our website, and I would appreciate it if you would check it out and give us some feedback :slight_smile:

Also, about the help part…:eyebrowlift:
I am in a contest with one of my friends, and he challenged me to get 5 subscribers on our YouTube channel by the end of the week…Well, I’ve gotten 1, and I hope to have MUCH more than he thinks…So if you could help me out and sub our channel (even if you do unsubscribe after a couple weeks) that would be great!

Seriously, if anyone here likes Freddiew or CorridorDigital, you’ve got a good chance of liking our videos too :wink:

Thank you all…Thanks a TON!