website creation

Hi , i want to make a website related to graphics soon , no , i didn’t quit graphics

it’s a rumor :o , lol , ok , i have www.??? free subdomain and i’m satisfied with there service , well , now googlepages service is great with those (non ads on your page) but when it comes to files , .rars .zips . blends , where do you think that those kinds can be downloaded instantanoutly , and also , i have heared of sites that host your file on 5 or even 8 popluar sites and give you the URL on the fly , what are those ?

thanks , :o , i started a lot of threads today … :o

ooops , i mean thier service :o , but i will keep it above to learn this huge mistake in the future :o

websites… (if you don’t already know them) learn HTML and CSS. visual editors like Dreamwever and front-page(especially the later) output crappy code and overcomplicate everything, for creating websites, nothing beets a good text editor (not notepad!).

web/HTML/CSS tutorials

good text editor

hosting… if you can afford it, buy some shared hosting with a proper domain name (google is slow at detecting sub-domains), or install apache on your PC and use that for hosting.

hessies has some ideas - pretty much sums what I was advise, and then some.

Yeah… I like gedit! when it was still around was hosted at
its a fairly good hosting company, iddnt have a single problem with it, also rated as like the top 5 to host ur stuff on by several sources
they provide u with webpage building tools to if you dont know how to make ur own, plus they have fantastico software, it can install any CMS or things of sort with a click of a button