Website creation

Hello there,

I was looking for a method to create my own website. Since I cant code and Im not familiar with web design and such…I stumbled upon a video that describes supposedly a fast and easy way to create one.

Anyone that is familiar perhaps could tell me if this way is good or even suggest an alternative.

Thank you.

Very good method, I use WordPress myself. The only thing is maybe you’d want to switch to GoDaddy. I’ve never heard of FatCow, but it looks less effective than other hosting services. The best thing you could do is to buy and set up your own web server.

I do quite a lot of web design…if you want to do it yourself, you could use free services such as weebly, but I really don’t know how limited they are, or how much customisation you have.

Wordpress is a good choice. Just install a theme which suits your needs and customize the content, or purchase one from ThemeForest for about £30.

Yes, Wordpress is easy enough, unless you wish to do a lot of customization - in that case it can be much harder to implement.

Btw, avoid GoDaddy like the plague.

I use X10 hosting for one of my websites, and byethost for the other. Find a host that you like, and use them.

For creating content, I do the coding by hand. Depending on what you want, it can be really simple. However, if you want something like a blog or forums, then don’t try to code your own. I’ve been working on making my own blog software for the past few weeks, and it’s a little harder than I would like it to be!
But for ‘flat’ websites, it shouldn’t take more than a few weeks to learn how to do it, and a few days to get it like you want.

Thank you all for the feedback.

it depends on what you want the website for. obviously. if its just a portfolio, then a free site like wix or yola etc is fine, and building it is simple drag and drop customisation, but even with a freebie site i recommend you purchase your own domain name.

if you’re looking for a blog or online store then definalty look for a good host that has easy wordpress implmentation. some hosts don’t allow it and some support it but dont give you a one click installation, you have to code it into the HTML ( not the entire blog, just the few lines of code that tells the site to run the wordpress)

or just get your hands dirty and try some build it yourself, get some web software and see what you can do!

Why? GoDaddy is good.

If it’s a blog or a portfolio. CargoCollective is a nice site.

Microsoft FrontPage
.webs site creator
there’s lots out there

My best advice: KNOW PROGRAMMING
with programming, you can use these:
Frontpage scripting
Dreamweaver scripting/enhancing
Adobe Flash enhancements
Xform 10 (I think that’s what it’s called)
Html 5 or lower
Css 3 or lower

the list is pretty much endless

You can try google sites as a starting point, but there’s not much of freedom on features or any special/advanced stuff.

I suggest:

I use the free version of Weebly myself and can tell you that it is highly customisable. I just finished re-designing my site last night and have my own JavaScript, XML, CSS and, obviously, HTML running. For those that aren’t particularly well versed in web-design using the built-in templates is easy enough, otherwise just create your own template and hit the edit html/css button to really delve into the nuts and bolts of your site.

In my suggestion,to keep visitors on your site, make sure pages do not have competing calls to action or visual clutter that would draw the visitor’s eyes away from the most important part of the page.And to further keep clutter down on landing pages also consider limiting the links and options in the header and footer to narrow the focus even further.

At first, WordPress was best for blog-like websites where content is arranged by date and category.

Now it’s just as easy to use WordPress for traditional websites because you can easily change your main menu to point to appropriate content/pages.

What’s cool about this platform is you will have access to a variety of templates you can choose from, so building your website is a breeze.

And when you’re ready to change designs, just choose another theme and your site will update instantly!