Website Critique

Ok, first off note, this is NOT another personal webiste.
I made this, to assist me.
here’s the link:

Ok, in critique, my question is, what other info should I include, should I change the theme, etc.

The site looks very much like a spam sort of site. Mods close down?

Ok, fine, it looked a bit like spam.
but I’ve been a member here for more than a year and a half.
I see you’re 4 years in… congrats.
I don’t want to be spamming, but if it goes against anything in the terms and conditions, then go ahead, delete it.
If it DOESN’T go against any of the T&C, please leave this thread open.
And anyway, free stuff is real.
This is tedious hours and days of research bundled.
The only reason this is automatically considered spam/scam is because people think anything free is fake.
This is true.
But what is true is being able to get something for $1500 for $15.

So why is this considered spam?
I might make a thread with information about this kind of thing, but here I asked for critique on the site itself.
Simply critique it.
If someone viewing the site is interested in whatever I said on the site, that’s great.
And you may want to note, this is the Off-Topic Chat forums.

Is this the internet version of a pyramid scheme? And if it is a pyramid scheme for the internet does that make it spam or a scam or both? Just wondering. I don’t go to those “get stuff free” sites and really could care less anymore. Besides, why would you want to subject your friends to this kind of crap. I remember the pyramid schemes before the internet and the whole point was to try and involve your friends first and then try and get other people interested. I never did see the point in it.

But this is a cool spin on the idea of presentation this time.

“Just critique my website please and don’t actually read the stuff about getting things for free”

That is slick alright. So my take on your website would be that it looks good at first glance until you start looking for content. Then you realize what is going on and then you know you got suckered into looking at it. So I guess you did a good job on originality. hahaha

Ok, looks kind of like a site you generated with Weebly…So all other crit’s aside, if your looking at style and such it’s mainly just your average blog design. If you want to grab attention to a site a big logo on the top usually helps instead of just generated text. If you know how to code in image buttons then I suggest a more graphical menu system or pull down menu. Showing a link to the Weebly site - Don’t know if that was required or not but most people code websites / created by out of their page and leave the thanks in the source code.

There are my crits. What exactly are you aiming for? What are your goals?

Ok, MentalKhandr: You got me good.
BUT, this is no pyramid scheme.
Where have you been the last 5 years?
This is as legit as my hand in front of my eyes.
If you want proof, check this out :
And mainly:

nicktechyguy: Thanks dude, you’re right, it looks like the everyday weebly design. I think I’ll put on another theme.
My goal is a computer.
The website is one of the ways that you can get people to find out about this, and when they sign up, they help me, and they’re on their way to their own free computer.

It’s a tad scammy and untruthful for my tastes.

That is essentially the definition of a pyramid scheme

He’s only 11, so this may simply be a thread where a kid is acting like a kid and he finds a scheme while he’s young enough to think ‘COOL ^.^’ instead of knowing this may have a big catch or is a scam.

I can’t tell you what I thought of stuff like this at 11 because I wasn’t even allowed on the internet.

Dude, if it was a pyramid scheme, there would be thousands of people out there on the internet complaining it’s a scam!
The two sites I use are freebieJeebies and Mega Freebie.
For these two, the only scam reports are of people that BROKE the Terms and Conditions.
Search up both those sites with ‘scam’ at the end of it. Nothing.

it’s not really a scam, since you CAN get free crap, but the downside is that it’s impossible for everyone to ‘win’, because as the number of people who have been refered increases, the potential number of people who will still sign up dwindles. The result is a few people who got in early who get free stuff and a lot of people who complete the “offer” - ie sign up and pay for something - who then can’t get enough other people to sign up underneath them.

My parents fell for this sort of thing with Amway back in the day. Legit business, but you have to be really good at social engineering and networking with people in order to get what you want, and you have to be willing to take advantage of the people you refer. These people might get nothing more than screwed. If you’re OK with that, then go for it. This is pretty much the definition of a pyramid scheme, tho, the same way that Amway is. Legit business? Sure, in most places. Ethical business? Not in my opinion.

But I have no problem with anyone who wants to give it a shot. If you’re a kid then sometimes the best way to learn about stuff like this is to get burned by it or have someone you care about get burned by it and resent you for having gotten them to sign up for it.

All I’m saying is that you really don’t believe that every person that signs up is going to get a free computer do you? Common sense tells you that whomever is running this “free give away” would quickly go broke if everybody got a 1000 dollar computer for 10 dollars. You are just hoping that you get a free computer and to hell with everybody else. Right?

what do you want critiques on exactly?
any website made with drupal or wordpress looks better and more creative than this… i don’t see anything that i could critique

mine plz nao